Wichita String Quartet

2931 North Governeour Street Apt 302
Wichita, KS 67226
United States

The Wichita String Quartet was founded by Jan Ekstedt, who also founded the Seattle String Quartet, www.seattlestringquartet.com, in 1999.  
  Jan and his wife, Elaine, created Ekstedt Entertainment, the Seattle String Quartet and related ensembles to help put him through seminary. 
  They have recently moved to Wichita, where Jan is now the Senior Pastor at New Hope Christian Church, Disciples of Christ and the new 
Concertmaster of the Delano Chamber Orchestra.  He now offers  the Wichita String Quartet, an association of musicians of the same quality 
and professionalism, as the Seattle String Quartet.  These musicians perform in the Wichita Symphony Orchestra.   The Wichita String Quartet 
and  related ensembles, offer the same  extensive  repertoire as the Seattle ensembles.

As a professional musician, Jan has played in the Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, the Spokane Symphony, the Reno Philharmonic and Nevada 
Opera Guild, and the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra.  He has toured with many greats, including Luciano Pavarotti, Ray Charles, Rod 
Stewart, John Denver, Aretha Franklin, and many, many others.

You will have both the advantage of his experience as a musician and a minister.

The Wichita String Quartet was founded by Jan Ekstedt, who originally founded the Seattle String Quartet in 1999 to help put him through seminary. The musicians joining him are all members of the Wichita Symphony and offer the same high caliber and professional services as those in the Seattle String Quartet.