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About Us

"Flowers are essential in every aspect of life, especially to underline the significance of life's passages. I have lived in large open spaces with no furniture except a single hand-blown vase filled with flowers...and I have always felt wealthy. Flowers represent life and joy and hope. I have traveled through narrow European streets only to look up and be greeted by a red geranium on a balcony. The language of flowers is universal."

Catherine Conlin established Wiggy Flowers in 1994 after having been asked to create the flower arrangements for three family weddings. Weddings have since become the medium for her to create the beauty she feels compelled to create. "I have tried my hand at painting and writing and music and nothing seems so natural an occupation to me as floral design."


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your impeccable taste and your professionalism when it came to our wedding. The flowers were beautiful and you were a joy to work with. Thank you for everything." -- Rachel Moore

"Everything was more beautiful than I imagined! Everyone told us that. I loved the bouquets. They were perfect. And the yacht club atmosphere and decorations were beautiful, thanks to you. Mike told me he saw you risking your life putting up lights on the ceiling. It really looked great but you should be careful. Well, thanks again for all the thought and effort. I will always remember it. We both will." -- Suling and Mark