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Puyallup, Washington, United States 98373 United States

+1 206 905-9453

Do you like spending quality time with Booking Engines or your Family and Friends?

We specialize in Travel and Destinations ( There are no hidden secrets, we go through all the suppliers and there promo's)
Do you have a supplier you would like us to use, please let us know ahead. (Funjet, Disney, All About Hawaii, Alaska Air etc.)
Wild Fun Travel assigns you your own "Personal Travel Consultant"with there own email, and direct phone number.
You will always get the same consultant. ( not100's of  different people )

We never charge a fee for our Services, we are paid directly by the suppliers.

The Consultant will gladly give you:

  • Brochures by mail or email (Your Choice)

  • Answer any questions about destinations you may have.

  • Go over your Budget and offers with you, and remember Most All Suppliers (Over 1000) we use will price match.

  • Intake information from you for Travel Plans by phone or email. (Your choice)

  • Free Quotes at least three quotes. (We are not responsible for errors, omissions, or changes in these prices, until a booking has been confirmed by an Consultant.)

  • Will go over quotes to your satisfaction.

  • Finalize Quotes 

  • Go over Travel Insurance if you would like.

  • Have you sign three forms, 1.Credit Card Authorization 2. Disclosure and Consent 3. Travel Vacation Insurance Waiver

  • Call you back to get your credit card number, as we never ask for it in a form online to assure your credit safety. It goes directly to the suppliers.

  • Payment will be made when speaking with your consultant to the supplier direct.

  • Full Payment, You will be given a receipt and Travel Documents.

  • Payment Plan with deposit, you will receive a receipt, and your Travel Documents when paid in full.

  • When you go over your receipt and documents make sure everything is correct. ( correct spelling of names, birth dates,passports numbers, pricing.)

  • Please make sure you read the fine lines, not just the receipt and documents, and if you need any changes call within 24 hours. ( If you need changes, and you do not call or email within 24 hours, Fees can be charged by the suppliers .) No exception. Example: A customer purchases a cruise,after looking over the quote with the air, and purchases air through the cruise line to save money, not directly through the airline. They get there documents, they never look them over, and go on there cruise and find out they are delayed at an airport for nine hours, or they are not leaving for four hours with nothing to do. Special pricing from the Cruise line can look appealing for the price, however the saying goes "you get what you pay for", it states in the documents the supplier can change your airfare times, we have no jurisdiction over your air or flights when they are bought in surplus in numbers by the Cruise Line.( Please make sure when we ask if you would like an excursion, or a room at a hotel, that you may want to consider  this choice, so as you are not sitting at an airport waiting. 

  • When Booking Disney in Advance you will be given brochures and documents over time, as they are mailed from Disney to Us, Us to You.

  • If you have an urgent matter or emergency, you can call our Emergency line at (253) 254-8238 The consultant on call will attend to your needs.

  • Two to three weeks after your vacation, you will be sent a survey.

  • At four weeks we will call you back to see if there is anything we can do for you, and to go over the survey with you if you like.

  • When you book with Wild Fun Travel you will be put on our mailer list and email list (Your Choice), if you don want to be please let your consultant know and you will be taken off immediately. We follow the SPAM CAN ACT

  • If there is anything we can ever do for you, or if you have a suggestion, Please call at 206-905-WILD (9453) or email us customerservice@wildfuntravel.com

  • Thank you for your patronage! 


First of all, We Value and Take pride in Exceptional Customer Service.