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About Us

Hi! My name is Amanda Darosett. I'm the owner and photographer of Will You Marry Me Photography. I have been in the photography industry for 16 years and am experienced in all fields of photography.

My most passionate field is weddings. From the surprise proposal, to the engagement sittings, from the ceremony to newlyweds feeding each other cake, I love it all. To be able to capture a bride's first step down the aisle toward her future, to the look of love and adoration on the grooms face, seizing these moments of love and happiness is a special privilege and honor. To be witness of a day full of joy, laughter, family, and love is an unbelievable opportunity.

To make sure your day goes smoothly and successfully, I work with an assistant. it is my goal to give you the pictures and memories you desire, that you will spend a lifetime throughout your years of happiness together. Together, we can share ideas on what you're looking for so your day, YOUR day that begins the next journey of your life is a stress free, fun, delightful dream come true.

Thank you for choosing Will You Marry Me Photography, thank you for including us in your special day.