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About Us

Frank Simon spent twenty years as a fashion photographer. His work has appeared in major magazines around the world. Clients traveled from as far as France to shoot with him. Having tired of the advertising industry, he has now turned his attention toward what he enjoys shooting most; people on a personal level.

"I think it's all about feelings. Granted, documenting an occasion and all that's involved is very important. But, for me, capturing the feelings behind the occasion is what really matters. Our society forces us to spend too much time in life just skimming the surface of things, doing just enough to get the job done, without having the time to really experience what we're doing. I think that's wrong. Feelings are everything. Especially for something as important as your wedding. This is one of the most important moments, if not the most important moment, in your life. It's one of the few times people take the time to acknowledge the only thing which rings true throughout the universe; love. I want, I need, people to be able to feel the love of their wedding day twenty years from now when they look through my images in their wedding album. I want them to look at the images years from now and have their hearts quicken with the memories, and the feelings that are captured there. Document your wedding? Definitely. But, more importantly, document the feelings which brought the two of you to this magical moment in your lives." Frank Simon

Take your time, slow down for a little while and look through Franks work. If you have any questions, or special needs, give us a call.