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About Us

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After.

He gets down on his knee and asks you to be his. With butterflies in your stomach you scream “YES!” and the fairytale begins. Filled with wedding dreams of whimsy and splendor, you think of how lovely it would be to close your eyes and have memories so happy and details so perfect that you smile each time you remember.

If this sounds familiar, Wish Wonder Dream is for you. Leaving no perfectly-folded napkin unturned our award-winning team of Personal Bridal Consultants - aptly named the Dream Team - will work with you to create a wedding full of timeless elegance, whimsy, and charm. With unrivaled customer service, unparalleled attention to detail, unmatched style, and an unbelievable desire to please we will stretch your budget to its fullest and make all your wedding dreams come true. After all, it happens but once in a lifetime.