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About Us

I became a DJ because I understand how important it is to fully live your life and loves.

If you're reading this, it's because you are preparing for one of the most special days of your life. Using my skills, talents, and passion for music, it's my mission to make your wedding an incredible event that will be as smooth and successful as it is memorable.

Brides tell me that  I'm a fantastic public speaker who instantly energizes a room. When weddings get stressful, brides love my positive thinking and flexibility. My professionalism and passion for both my work and music sets brides at ease. They count on my intense focus and confidence to deliver whatever it takes keep an audience engaged.

I have worked hard to build an incredible local network of dedicated wedding professionals, and I enjoy sharing events with talented caterers, florists, and more. A talented multi-tasker and Master of Ceremonies, I use technology to improve my performance all the time.

I pride myself on my professional ethics and understand that my word is my bond, and that is why I am known as one of the "best DJs in town."