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About Us

Who We Are~ At Zee Cakes we bake the highest quality cakes and hand design them with playfulness and pizzazz. We are a small baking company based in Portland, Oregon. We buy local and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we donate a portion of all sales to programs that support children.

We deliver a premium product to your celebration table. Zee cakes are individually crafted with great attention to detail and quality. There are no mixes at Zee Cakes, no sink-clogger icing. Ask about mixes and artificial ingredients like hi-whip and meringue powder even at premium bakeries, and we bet you'll be surprised at the answer. Because we choose local and organic whenever possible and because we don't airbrush 20 cakes at a time, you can be sure the cake you take home is a great value. We believe the cake you serve to your children, family and friends should be nourishing, extremely delicious and unique.

Just How Organic Are We? You can count on organic butter, cream, eggs, flour, oil, carrots, cinnamon, and lemons in all of our products. Some ingredients are either unavailable to us in organic form, or provide such glamour and delight that we allow them. These are typically our adornments used only in small amounts like chocolate gold coins, candies, luster powders and glitters. The value of using local and organic ingredients is essential to our company, but we also believe in moderation and fun.

What About the Name? Zee Cakes was named after founder Melinda Gale's two daughters, Zoe and Ella, whose sense of curiosity and color have inspired much of the line.

Kidcakes for Weddings~ If children are an important part of your union, consider including them in the celebration with a cake of their own.

A modern alternative to the groom's cake, the kid's cake showcases the children in your festivities with the thing they like best.