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Vim & Chelle

rollie garcia

Jan 5, 2010

Hi chelle (a.k.a. edz)!
It's so nice & happy to know that you already got married. What a surprise that you decided to enter a new chapter of your life, a challenging and happy married life. Nakakagulat na nakakatuwa when you informed me thru text na ikakasal ka na. Sayang nga lang na i was not able to witness your most memorable day. Anyway, I am very sure that you and your husband Vim (though hindi ko siya kilala) are so happy and very excited to start a new family with kids. Gawa lang gawa.hehe...
Chelle and Vim, congratulations! Wishing you a new life full of happiness, blessings and of course kids.

(Kinasal na rin pala si Rona...Ilan na ba married sa batch natin? Who's next?...Sana ako na..hehe..:-))

Rollie (a.k.a. rovic)

marissa solomon

Dec 21, 2009

Wow... congrats sa wedding nyo. Finally.. chelle you find the right man for you.I am happy for you.. May God bless you and your husband always.


Nov 11, 2009

Well, what can I say… hmmm…
I guess, you two are meant to be… hehe ;)
Imagine you’re worlds apart (rizal and batangas)…
then you met in dubai… and that was it, whew!
how would you call it… destiny or accident??? **wink**
I suppose david pomeranz was right when he sang
“got to be believe in magic” wehehe
So, bro… congrats!
To you chelle,
best wishes and I welcome you to the family…
To both of you, keep this in mind…
“To keep your marriage overflowing with Love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you’re wrong admit it, Whenever you’re right, shut up.”
lovelots, ate cK


Oct 20, 2009

Congratulations & Best Wishes!!
Sabi na nga ba dyan ang kapalaran mo!!hehe..

Raffy and Lyn

Oct 10, 2009


derick aguilar

Oct 6, 2009

Some people takes a lifetime to find the "ONE". I am glad that you guys found each other.

Mervin, times do change.. I never pictured you as a romantic guy not even close to a leading man taken out from a romantic movie... Congrats!

chelle... you are lucky to have Mervin as your husband (just as he is lucky to have you as his wife) Congratulations!, you did a fine job with taking him out of his shell.

To both of you, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!!!

Best wishes from me and my family.


Oct 3, 2009

heLLo po sa soon to be husband and wife.. congrats po..kakainggit, kelan kaya ako??


Sep 29, 2009

naka ng...yan ang masasabi ko naun..haha!remember, fav expression ntin nun nsa US office kpa.. newey, im so proud to both of u..lam m yan chel, una plang na chinika mo sken na ikakasal kna, super bongga akong ntuwa..CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! Who says fairytales are just for little kids and they don’t come true when the proof is right here, the two of you..yess nman..! 1+1=2 become 1..Best Wishes!


Sep 26, 2009

Nice Site!

Nasabi Na Lahat Ang Gusto Kong Sabihin!

May god be & bless both of you;
May both Of you see your children's children.
May both of you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
May Both you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

Goodluck And Best Wishes

Gob Be With U Always


Venedick & Ann

Jhanz & Mikel

Sep 26, 2009

wow! i was so surprised wen i read ur luv story eventhough i knew it from d start na c chelle tlaga nanligaw, wahahaha..... joke... na touched tlaga q, ac2ally kinilig pa nga, kc dis our dream taung magbabrkada na mkapangsawa ng maipagma2laki natin, & im so hapi 2 both of u, na kau na tlaga.
hayyy.... how i wish i"ll be der during ur entourage, kaso sayng tlaga i will miss dat moment, d kc q mka2uwe.
By d way, VIM & CHELLE dis is it na, best wishes 2 both of u... VIM take gud care of chelle, ok.... ung gift utang muna...hehehe...joke... GOD BLESS....muahh...


Sep 26, 2009

..ui tta rose ang cute pla ng love story nyo..kso bkt prang kaw lng ngkwnto bkod b ung kay vim hehehe(tto vim pla..iywww,,nkkaani!!)
..hope ur life be full of happiness and understanding..
..pslubong qoh nga pla..
..enjoy your new life.. is a start of your new life,new problems and new happiness and ofcrse your new family..

..may god bless you and guide you always..


Ricky cutepanf

Sep 26, 2009

Ang cute naman ng love story nyo kahit masyadong mong kinarer heheheh joke!! sa wakas K Abad ng tropa nakita mo narin c chito ng buhay mo, wagas sa kaibuturan ng aking puso ang pagbati sa inyong nalalapit na pag iisang dibdib sa basbas ng buong may kapal naway maging masaya at pospus ng biyaya ang inyong pagsasama..PAGPALAIN KAYO NG BUONG MAY KAPAL!!!!

chet and jon

Sep 25, 2009

ang taray naman ng wedding (at
may ganito pa hehehe...)
kaka-touch naman at kasama kami sa site nyo...
anyways,cnsya na hindi kami makakauwi on your special day,we really love to,kaso hindi na-grant nga yung vacation leave ni JOn...but...
Wish You both all the happiness and blessings of a married life..sana magka-baby na agad kayo (clock is ticking for you Chelle...hehehe)..
keep in touch and thanks for being our friends..

Chet and Jon


Sep 25, 2009

it's nice to know your love story, kaw pala te nanligaw eh hehehe pero parang kaw lang ang nagkwento ng story nyo, sana nagkwento rin si vim este kuya vim pala :)..tska more photos on Photo Galleries

winnie punzalan-pena

Sep 25, 2009

HERE'S A TOAST to say...

vim and chelle,

May your WEDDING be the beginning of everlasting JOY and HAPPINESS... CONGRATS in advance!

ito para sau vim "Behind every great man there is a surprised woman." wahahhaha...

for chelle "The woman cries before the wedding; the man afterward." wahahahha...

at ito nman para sa akin kc kasal n ako dba heheheh... "I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." dba ang ganda bagay n bagay sa akin heheheh... CONGRATS!!!

lab u,

ate winnie