bridesmaid necklace with GPS coordinates of the wedding

Your best friends have been invaluable to you during your wedding planning. You want a gift that not only expresses your gratitude, but also is something that they will truly love. Here are 10 cool bridesmaid gifts that your favorite ladies will be excited to receive!

Jewelry is one of the most popular bridesmaid gifts because it can be used during the wedding and is also very meaningful. Above, these GPS coordinates of your wedding on a simple charm is totally charming. They will be able to wear it again and again, and each time it will remind them of your special day.

Below, lockets are another beautiful piece of jewelry you can share with your bridal party. If you want, place a picture of the two of you before you give it to them for a sentimental addition.

pretty locket necklaces for bridesmaid gifts

We also love the subtle nod to your vows with this eternity knot ring. It's delicate and sweet and can be made from a variety of metals.

eternity knot rings for bridesmaid gifts

Looking for an affordable gift they will really use?  Your coffee-addicted bridesmaids will love this modern travel mug. Include a pound of their favorite brew or coffee card.  They'll need it the morning of your big day!

fun travel mug with bright pink lid

Bridesmaid "survival" or "emergency" kits are one of the trendiest gifts of the moment. The only drawback?  They aren't very personal.  Fix this issue with a DIY solution. Create different kits to fit the style and preferences of each bridesmaid. Fill them with things they will definitely need on your wedding day (aspirin, nail files, lip balm) and a couple of things they can continue to use long after (sunglasses, jewelry, notebook, etc.).

DIY bridesmaid survival kit gift packages

The velour sweatshirts with "bridesmaid" written on them were cute, but we adore this recent trend of floral robes (below) so much more. Although your bridesmaid is unlikely to ever wear that velour hoodie again, this will be her new favorite on Saturday mornings.

blush and green floral robes for bridal party

One look at photos of a bridal party getting ready and you realize just how much stuff bridesmaids have to schlep around. Help a girl out with an adorable tote bag. Personalize them with their names or a sweet message.

personalized canvas totes for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids with modern and minimalist style will love these leather pouches (below). Available in a variety of on-trend colors, and perfect for storing everything from phone chargers to makeup, they will come in handy at your event and beyond.

chic cobalt and brown leather pouches

You won't be the only one breathing a deep sigh of relief after your wedding is over. These events are exhausting! Treat your bridesmaids to a little post-wedding indulgence with bath products and lip butters in their favorite scents.  A long bath will help their feet recover from dancing in their heels all night.

boutique bath and beauty products

Want a truly luxurious bridesmaid gift?  These cashmere travel wraps are pretty much the best thing ever. Your bridesmaids can feel cozy and glam on their flight home (even if they are stuck in the middle seat in coach).

luxurious cashmere travel wrap in aqua

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