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Dreamy Mountainside Elopement

We are so in love with this couple's intimate elopement in Yosemite Park, from the bride's non-traditional floral tea length dress to the beautifully unreal setting. And whether you're eloping or having a 200 person affair, you can totally find inspiration in this couple's simple and intimate special day.

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Mountain View Ceremony

While this breathtaking landscape didn't need any additional decorations to make this couple's ceremony stunning, the altar's flowers are the perfect framing device. The rustic wood recalls the forested trees behind it and the rich color of the flowers brings warmth to the cool surroundings.

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dogsledding bride and groom
Photo: Studio Kiva

Winter Wonderland Mountain Fun

Is there anything more romantic than a mountain top wedding surrounded by pristine white snow? We think not! This couple chose to elope in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, with only a team of sled dogs in attendance. It's such a unique idea and makes for a super personal day for the couple to look back on.

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Big Sky Country Bridal Party

Parasols are a perfect accompaniment to these bridesmaid looks for this mountain top wedding. They're cute, functional, and would make a special parting gift for your besties. If you decide to tie the knot on a mountain top like this couple, be sure to ask your photographer to snap some shots like this to truly capture the impressive perspective of the landscape.

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First Kiss

The only thing better than sharing your first kiss as newlyweds is sharing a first kiss as newlyweds in front of a majestic mountain range and serene lake. This couple took their ceremony to Lake Tahoe, where everyone could enjoy all the fun things (and great views) the area has to offer while visiting for their wedding weekend.

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Autumnal Mountain Ceremony

Each season has its merits for hosting a real mountain wedding but fall might be the best of all (at least in our book!). The vibrant colors of the leaves and the crisp chill in the air lends itself to a romantic, joyful vibe that we can totally get behind. We especially love how this altar, draped with eucalyptus and roses, enhances the foliage surrounding the ceremony site.

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Red mountain realness

"Mountain weddings" do not have to mean rolling hills, tree-covered peaks and snow covered caps. We love how visually interesting and unique these mountains are; they create an entirely different feel than the traditional mountain weddings we've shown so far. It's a bit other-worldly and totally cool.

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Lakeside Nuptuals

Justin and Jill got married as close as they could to this gorgeous mountainside lake without actually getting into it. There's something calming and peaceful about having your event in such a remote spot— which is exactly how your wedding ceremony should be.

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Sunset Ceremony

Stunning vistas like these are only made more drop dead gorgeous with a sun setting behind it. This bride and groom timed their ceremony perfectly so that they and their guests could enjoy Mother Nature's display while they showered each other with love.

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Picture Perfect Ceremony Site

Picturesque is the only word that comes to mind looking at this incredibly gorgeous ceremony photo. Of course, the wedding is all about the bride and groom, but a setting like this sure doesn't hurt anything!