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modern white bookshelf with bright books
Photo: West Elm

Extra Storage

Most popular wedding registry items are a combination of practical and aspirational. When you're merging together all of your things, chances are you will need extra shelves and storage. And that additional furniture might as well be stylish!

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upscale bar tools and accessories
Photo: Pottery Barn

Barware & Gadgets

Today's brides and grooms are getting married later, which means they already have most of the necessities. But barware and gadgets can always be upgraded. If you already have a full set of wine glasses that you like, ask for a cocktail shaker, decanter, and rocks glasses.

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Area Rugs

Area rugs completely pull a room together. Seriously, they can transform a space. But the price tag can often seem a little steep for something that will live on your floor. Register for this and immediate family or groups of friends can buy you something special for your new home.

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KitchenAid mixer in blue
Photo: Macy's


Mixers are one of the most popular wedding registry items because they are something every kitchen can use. So, if you don't have one yet, register for a high-quality, built-to-last option like this KitchenAid. If you love baking, also register for some of the really cool attachments.

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Food Processor

The other electric appliance we recommend is a food processor. For those couples who prefer to cook their meals from scratch, a food processor helps to dramatically cut down prep time.

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Classic Dinnerware

While it used to be popular and traditional to register for a set of wedding china, many couples today are opting to stick to utilitarian dinnerware instead. These classic white plates will go with anything, so change up your table decor as much as you like!

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summer throw pillows on patio furniture
Photo: Kohl's

Patio Accessories

Seasonal accessories are more popular on wedding registries than ever before. Couples getting married in the spring and summer are opting to register for patio furniture and decor for the months of sun and warm weather ahead.

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gray chevron neutral bedding and accessories
Photo: Anthropologie

Bed Linens

He's got a few ratty wool blankets and she has a puffy pink comforter. These two need to find bedroom decor that they can both love. Find bed linens and accessories that create a relaxing oasis from the world.

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Bath Towels

While both of you have towels, do they match? Bath linens are another registry staple because who doesn't need a new fluffy bath sheet?

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black Tumi luggage set
Photo: Bloomingdales

Luggage Sets

For the couple that loves to travel, you probably want to coordinate. Seek out a luggage set that meets your travel needs and style.