bright sunglasses wedding favors


How many times have you stepped out of your car this summer and realized you left your sunglasses at home?  It's the worst.  Just imagine your guests' delight when they spot your sunglasses wedding favors! Not only are they cute, but you are totally saving them from having to squint through the entire ceremony.

patterned fans in basket as summer wedding favor


It might seem silly, but fans are one of our very favorite wedding favors. It keeps you cool during the event, but after the wedding that handy little fan goes straight to the pedicure kit (I kid you not, I still use a fan from an event five years ago)!


In the rush to get ready your guests might have forgotten their sunscreen right alongside their sunglasses.  Sunscreen towelettes are such a great invention. Sun protection and no mess? Sold!

sunscreen towelettes in package
personalized wedding favor lip balms

Lip Balm

While we tend to think of lip balm as more of a winter wedding favor, we actually need a little protection on our lips year-round. Find one with a sunscreen that is fragrance and color-free, so that everyone can enjoy!

Fresh Produce

Summer weddings are at a time of year when fresh fruits and vegetables are aplenty. Select produce that is right in-season to find reasonable prices on bulk amounts. Personally, we love a mini-box filled with berries, but if you love your veggies, share bags of radishes and greens!

fresh berry wedding favors for summer


There is no summertime treat better than campfire s'mores (and no, microwaving them doesn't count).  Sitting around in a circle with friends and family, trying to find the perfect spot of coals for your marshmallows, making s'mores is an experience. Share s'mores kits with guests as a sweet goodbye.


Another summer-appropriate indulgence is an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola. After a long hot day in the sun, your guests will welcome one of these sodas for the ride home.  You can now also readily find Mexican Coca-Cola which is made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

s'mores kits in fruit boxes for sumer wedding favors
bottles of Coca Cola with escort cards attached

Saltwater Taffy

If you are having a nautical wedding (or just one that takes place at the beach), look no further than saltwater taffy for your favors. Whether in the traditional rolls from East Coast boardwalks, or the tiny chews (below) that have become more mainstream, saltwater taffy is a colorful favor that tastes like summer!

saltwater taffy wedding favors

Balsam Airplanes

Looking for a playful favor for your travel-themed or destination wedding?  While you can give things like luggage tags and vintage postcards year-round, balsam airplanes are ideal for summer. After dinner your guests can amuse themselves flying their new toys.

personalized balsam airplane wedding favors

Sparkling Wine

There's just something about chilled champagne on a summer evening. Pass out pretty pink cans of sparkling rose (below) accompanied by striped straws in your color palette.

cans of sparkling wine for wedding favors

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