Wedding party in blush dresses and black tuxedos
Photo: O'Malley Photographers

There’s a lot more to a wedding website than just the basics. Think beyond dress code notifications, hotel accommodations, and driving directions, and dig into what matters most to you and your spouse-to-be. We wouldn’t be surprised if the people you’ve chosen to be in your wedding party ends up high on that list. Why not dedicate a tab of your site just to them? Instead of simply listing out their names and their relationship to the couple, get creative. Here are three ways to upgrade your website’s wedding party info.


Share photos.

You have two options when it comes to sharing photos of each member of your wedding party. Go classic and sophisticated with snapshots of you, your ‘maids, and groomsmen all cleaned up, or go hilarious with candid snapshots. Either way, giving your guests a visual will help them put a face to the name on the big day, and help them figure out who’s connected to who.

Tell a silly story.

Your maid of honor is so much more than just the “sister of the bride.” Share a funny memory that’s stuck with you over the years and gives readers a clearer picture of who your closest friends and family members are. Set the light, silly mood on your website, so everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into when the big day arrives.

Link to their social media accounts.

While your website is a place to share photos from all the pre-wedding celebrations, you probably won’t get to it all. Help fill in the gaps by linking to your wedding party members’ Instagram accounts, where there’s bound to be lots of fun images from all the events leading up to the special day. Just be sure to check with them first, so you’re not invading anyone’s privacy.