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A good maid of honor will be there through all of the challenges and joys of wedding planning. While her role is specifically designed to support you, she deserves some support too, in the form of gratitude. Give your bestie the appropriate acknowledgement with one of these appreciative ideas.

5 Ways to Thank Your Wedding Party

Honor Her on Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is meant to house useful information, but it's also a great platform for praising your maid of honor. Many brides and grooms include bios for all of the members of their wedding party to introduce them to the rest of their guests. Up the ante and feature a praiseful post all about your bestie, letting everyone know why you chose her to stand by your side.

Toast Her at a Pre-Wedding Event

Steal the mic at your bridal shower or bachelorette party, and take a few moments to share some special words about your MOH. After all, she probably planned the festivities, and could definitely use a shout-out.

Give Her a Maid-of-Honor Gift

On the day of the wedding, bestow a present upon your pal. A thoughtful gift is bound to put a smile on her face, and making it sentimental, inside joke-inspired, or otherwise meaningful will only amplify the gesture. Alternatively (or additionally), give her a token when you ask her to be your maid of honor. Both this and the idea above are popular options amongst brides.

Express Gratitude Periodically

You don't have to make a grand statement or shell out cash to show your MOH that you care. Thank her before, during, and after the wedding with texts or small verbal affirmations.

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