In honor of those small touches (okay, and some of the medium-sized, extra-sparkly ones as well) we're sharing just a few more snaps from one of our favorite mywedding magazine shoots to date: Adornments. It's absolutely lovely, thanks in huge part to the awesome work of Harper Point Photography, and totally focused on those special details which make your own wedding look complete. You can (and should!) see the whole feature right here, but these outtakes are some of the prettiest we've ever seen. They also make us want to buy a French bulldog puppy, stat. Scroll on down to see why...

French bulldog in wedding collar by Hushed Commotion

Isn't she the sweetest? A huge thanks to Abby Sparks for allowing us to borrow little Olive for the day. Don't worry, this isn't the last you've seen of her.

Gibson Bespoke jeweled headpiece for weddings

Beaded wedding headband

Fringe necklace and Hayley Paige dress from mywedding magazine

That fringe necklace. This Hayley Paige dress. That knotted, edgy updo. It's bold and beautiful.

Fringe necklace and dramatic updo from mywedding magazine

Flora headband from Hushed Commotion in mywedding magazine

Bride and French bulldog in wedding collar from mywedding magazine

This shoot features more than a few pieces from Hushed Commotion's latest collection. The headpiece above and the veil and headpiece below are both Thea's lovely designs, as is the floral "Ruff" collar on Olive. We also had the chance to stockpile a number of dresses from Rebecca Schoneveld's new line and goodness is it pretty. It may also include a fantastic crop top and trouser combo, but you'll have to check the magazine for that number.

Veil and gold crown headpiece from Hushed Commotion in mywedding magazine

Beaded capelet on bride with elegant updo


Isn't this cap-style veil amazing? It somehow manages to be super feminine and bold and dramatic and the same time. It's also making us dream about Gatsby-inspired weddings all over again.

Gatsby-inspired wedding veil from mywedding magazine

Pearl beaded headband from mywedding magazine

Lace edge veil from mywedding magazine

Bold crystal necklace and edgy hairstyle

Floral headband from mywedding magazine


We could hardly let you go without one last glimpse of our little Frenchie friend. See all of the magic (and yes, more of Olive) come together in our behind-the-scenes video. Let us know which accessory you'd wear down the aisle in the comments on Youtube!

Photography by Harper Point Photography. See the full feature here for details on contributors, dresses and accessories.