Finding just the right songs for the dances at your reception can be difficult. No tunes about break-ups, dysfunctional relationships, or just plain creepy love songs with your new spouse. And certainly no romantic songs, full of yearning and longing with your dear old dad.


In honor of Father's Day (yes, ladies, it's June 21st--hurry to Hallmark ASAP), we've assembled 10 classic father-daughter dance songs:

Paul Simon is an icon for a reason.  This cheerful little song is one of his more whimsical numbers, but it has plenty of sweet lines to make your mom tear up a bit.

This song is a sweet, modern classic.  Great for a daughter who doesn't want anything too old-fashioned or traditional.

Of course, there's no rule there needs to be lyrics at all. If an old-school gem is totally something you and your Dad will appreciate, practice your ballroom steps.

This might just be the greatest song ever produced. Much like Etta James' "At Last" for the couple's first dance, this song is used at plenty of weddings, but no one ever gets tired of it.

This oldie but goodie was made new again in Toy Story, and what better representation for a daughter and father who are terrific pals?

Carole King has written many hit songs. But we love this one for such a tender moment.

A fantastically written ballad that has a whole lot of truth (and a dash of good humor).

A total tribute to the love a father has for his child. Sweet, sentimental, and a total crowd pleaser.

Want to just have fun on the dance floor? No better song to boogie to than this one by Bob Dylan.


Photography:  Powers Photography   |   Saltwater Studios