humorous and modern woven doormat

It's that time of year when gifts are on the brain.  But whether you are thinking about Christmas packages or wedding presents, you are going to love this small collection of favorite things.  When you think about a gift to give, pay attention to the style and philosophy of the recipient. Personally, I like my home to be warm and inviting with just a hint of humor. Therefore, I tend to really like Zola's offerings which feature products that are modern, playfully nostalgic, and well-made.

First up, no single item represents my home decor philosophy better than this "holla" doormat (above). It's practical and fun and lets my guests know that they are in for a good evening.  Plus, it is super sturdy, so this doormat won't have seen better days come February.

monthly coffee subscription from Zola

Next, I love coffee. And I love receiving mail (other than car insurance cards and student loan bills, of course). So anyone who truly knows and cares for me realizes how much I would love an annual coffee subscription gift.  This one includes 4 little bags each month, with coffee from over 50 countries over the course of the year.  And if you find a coffee that you just can't live without, this company gives you special deals on your faves! Subscription gifts are also perfect for in-laws that you are just getting to know. Each month you can weasel your way into their good graces more and more. By the end of the year, you're golden for life!

Kate Spade key and eyeglasses tray for entry

I refuse to lose my keys again. I just do. It's the most ridiculous thing to run around your house like a crazy woman (because you never lose your keys when you have loads of time to look for them), swearing up a storm and making deals with God.  So, I have a key tray.  I'm not sure how a tray magically makes me continue to put my keys in one place, but it does. This Kate Spade one is way cuter, though, so it's definitely on my wish list.  If you are soon to be married, this tray will save the two of you countless arguments over who had the keys last (because a culprit must be identified).

Have you noticed how great experiences sometimes seem to matter even more than tangible gifts? Whether it is the honeymoon of your dreams (btw, Zola can help with that, too) or a weekend jaunt down the coast, the memories created on fun adventures stay with us for a lifetime. This San Francisco cocktail tour is right up my alley, as it celebrates all things whiskey in one of my very favorite cities.  Zola offers several similar tours in other popular US destinations, if the Bay Area isn't nearby.

San Francisco cocktail tour on Zola gift registry

I know only one thing to be absolutely, unequivocally true: You can never have too many quality tote bags.  I am over-the-moon for this sturdy tote with its muted green color and reinforced leather straps.  You can haul just about anything in here.

muted green canvas tote bag
yellow Miele vacuum cleaner

This vacuum is a life-changer. I suffer from dust allergies and this Miele vac makes everything better. I bought it a few years ago after realizing that a HEPA filter on a vacuum wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Plus, it is relatively quiet and works like a dream.  Yes, it is a little spendy, but totally and completely worth it.

white milkglass hobnail bowl

My kitchen is the most retro-styled room in my home, mostly due to my love of all things 1950s Pyrex and bright sherbet-colored linens.  Hobnail bowls are one of those things that I just can't quit, no matter how many I own. And this cute serving bowl is no exception.  Perfect for anything from popcorn-for-one to holding handfuls of festive peppermints for friends and family during the holidays.

gold rimmed double old fashioned cocktail glasses

Sometimes a gal just needs to feel like Don Draper. Not Joan. Not Peggy. Don.  And you too can feel like there is a sophisticated (albeit troubled) man living inside you while drinking Old-Fashioneds out of  these fantastic gold-rimmed glasses.  I'll be watching the final season of Mad Men with one of these bad boys in hand.

gray and aqua fabric cocktail napkins

When designing your own registry, or shopping off of someone else's, don't overlook the holiday offerings. We often don't spend for ourselves on these types of things, but they are so appreciated during those special times of year. Above, these aqua and gray napkins complement my icy Christmas palette of pale pinks, mints, and aquas.

The serving tray below is from a collection called "Kings Road," made by a company based out of Seattle.  My mother uses mugs from a similar collection during Christmas, and so this pattern is very sentimental to me. This tray would be put to good use, covered in homemade frosted sugar cookies (and then, subsequently in crumbs).  These would be a chic pairing with Zola's many different metallic flatware and servingware options.

gold and white Kings Road crown pattern serving tray

Check out more over at Zola. You can make your own wish list filled with your very favorite things for the two of you.  You can even register for that luxurious honeymoon you've been planning in your head ever since you saw that spa Beyonce went to.  Happy shopping!