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personalized wooden handle Swiss Army knife
Photo: Pottern Barn

Swiss Army Knife

As with most of the gifts in this list, a Swiss Army knife is very practical. From using it on their next camping trip to being the designated box opener on Christmas morning, these tools will come in handy. And we love the unique wooden handle with personalization to make it distinctive.

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Rainbow Sandals

Any SoCal guy that lives for the ocean can testify to how awesome Rainbow Sandals are. They look cool and last (practically) forever. This is a great gift for surfers and paddle boarders.

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Poler headlamp for outdoors
Photo: Poler

Bright Headlamp

Whether your best man loves spelunking, rock climbing, or camping, a quality headlamp is a must-have accessory.  

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helpful hiking accessories
Photo: U.S. Outdoor

Hiking Necessities

Do your groomsmen enjoy hiking? Get them a few useful pieces like a new water bottle and trail maps to assist them on their next adventure.  

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multipurpose accessory for your camping kitchen
Photo: Campmor

Multipurpose Cooker

From brewing coffee to heating up soup, this multipurpose cooker will limit the number of things they need to bring on their next camping trip.

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Nike running gloves
Photo: Nike

Running Gloves

For your running friends, find a pair of fleece-lined and water-resistant running gloves to keep their hands warm during winter training.

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portlable thermal cooler
Photo: Columbia

Fishing Buddy

Guys that fish know just how much waiting is involved before their next catch. A thermal cooler like this one will make sure the beers stay cool in the process.

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durable thermos flask
Photo: Amazon

Durable Flask

One of the most popular gifts for groomsmen is a flask. However, these are often more about style than function. This thermos-style flask is durable enough to go into the woods time and time again.

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Waterproof Storage

From kayaking to wakeboarding, water sports require a bit of waterproofing prep. Help them keep their valuables safe with storage sleeves designed to keep everything dry.

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Themed Prints

The recent anniversary of the National Parks has inspired so many fabulous vintage prints of our favorite vistas. Frame prints for your groomsmen to hang in their offices or homes.