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colorful trash the dress with holi powder
Photo: Verve Studio

Holi Powder

For some brides, a trash-the-dress photo session is a great opportunity for some dramatic (and fun) images. Holi powder is a colorful powerhouse that will stain, so definitely only break this out when you're sure you're not going to want to pass that dress down.

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Black & White

Modern wedding photography also finds new ways to use classic techniques. Black and white photography was all the rage 15 years ago, but became less popular as couples started to favor bright and colorful images. The latest in black and white photography is a bit moody, using the light and background scenery to create an unforgettably romantic picture.

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Underwater Shots

Waterproof cameras are able to capture such cool images. This couple opted to do an underwater trash-the-dress in a pool, but this would also be a beautiful way to commemorate a tropical destination wedding with a day-after session.

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Confetti Pop

Wedding exits are often defined by the props guests are given. Whether they toss birdseed or light sparklers, it's never quite as magical in a photo as it is in person. However, colorful and reflective confetti bursts show up really well in photos and are a favorite at modern weddings.

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drone wedding photography for tropical destination ceremony
Photo: Helene Havard

Drone Photography

While you might not think of drones and weddings going well together, they are actually really useful tools in capturing angles and heights that your photographer simply can't reach. Perfect for a bird's eye view of a stunning tablescape or to showcase your amazing destination setting (shown here), drones are becoming an absolute necessity in modern wedding photography.

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backyard party with checked tablecloth on table
Photo: Karen Hill

Pre-Wedding Events

Some of your favorite wedding moments don't even take place on your wedding day. It's the champagne toast at your bridal shower, or when your nephew knocked over a tray of cupcakes at the rehearsal dinner. Recently, couples have opted to hire their wedding photographer for more than just their main event, so that all of their best memories can be celebrated.

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bride and groom hold smoke bombs during wedding exit
Photo: Phil Chester

Smoke Bombs

Once the darling of wedding exits, sparklers are stepping aside for a new trend. When you want to create an impressive wedding photo you do it with smoke bombs. If you want to have it as your exit photo, make sure the backlighting is sufficient for the colors to show up.

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Inviting Angles

Modern wedding photographers think beyond standard angles. This ceremony photo is a perfect example in that it is far enough removed to not interfere with the ceremony or disturb the couple, but also set up in such a way that you feel like a member of the audience.

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Thank You Cards

You paid for that stunning wedding photography, and now it's time to show it off! Whether you take a "thank you" banner photo at your wedding or simply create a collage of your fave pics, a personalized thank you card like this one remains on the fridge for awhile.

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Yosemite elopement ceremony with couple in valley
Photo: Loren X Chris

Stunning Elopements

Gone are the days of elopements meaning that you have to sacrifice the dress and flowers and all the rest of the magic. Modern elopements are merely more intimate versions of traditional weddings. When it's just the two of you, it's all the more important to record the moment. Hire a photographer to take beautiful shots of your highly personal day.