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Southwest invitation suite with watercolor painting
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Date & Time Details

Make sure to include all the basic information about the wedding, including the date, time, and exact location of the main event. It might be helpful to add details for all pre- and post-wedding events, as well — at least those events to which all of your guests are invited.

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Transportation Options

Along with the time and place, your free wedding website should contain information about the closest airports, train stations and even car rental companies. If you have set up a carpool website, a shuttle from the hotel to and from the wedding, or have a designated transportation contact person, also include this information.

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Wedding transportation ideas and driving directions on your wedding website
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Driving Directions

Always make sure your site has a page featuring comprehensive driving directions to the venue along with a link to an interactive map service like Google Maps. Don't forget to test the directions before you post them to ensure everyone arrives at the ceremony safely!

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Contact Information

Add some contact info to your free wedding website so guests know who to reach out to if they haven't a question that isn't answered on your site. If you have a lot of extra events planned, list the contact information for the hotels, restaurants or other venues involved so guests can call them with questions (or directions).

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Hotel option for your wedding on a free wedding website
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Lodging Options

It is polite to do the legwork for your guests and include a number of different lodging options in the area. Try to find a good range, from ultra-reasonable to high-end. Many hotels will hold blocks of rooms at a discount for your party if you make arrangements ahead of time. Include a note (for example, "Be sure to mention you are with the Harrison-Muchnick party") along with a contact person for each hotel, and make sure to release any unreserved rooms before you are charged. The cut-off date will be different for every place but is usually several weeks before your wedding.

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Schedule of Events

This is especially important if your wedding day is less of a day and more of an all-weekend-long thing. Create a page on your free wedding website with a comprehensive schedule of events, including locations and start times for everything. It's nice to have a quick note about the appropriate attire for each so your guests can plan accordingly.

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Packing List

Looking to really cover all the guest essentials? Don't stop at sharing the dress code with your guests, including a whole packing list. This is really helpful for destination weddings, or events with a lot of different types of activities, and will help guests know where to start when they pull out those suitcases.

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Registry Information

One of the best parts about your wedding website? It's the best place to add all your registry details. Set up links to any and all registries you've created so your guests know exactly what's on your wish list.

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Engagement Story

Everyone loves to see the story of how the two of you met — and how you got engaged. Be silly, be serious, but don't forget to add it to your website. This is a great chance for guests who don't know you or your fiance as well to learn a little bit more about the two of you and why you're so great together.

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Picture Perfect

Pictures of the two of you, pictures of your families, pictures of the wedding party, pictures of your dog (aka ring bearer) — really, any and all pictures you want to include are welcome here and guaranteed to brighten up your site and amp up everyone's excitement for the big day. Can't wait to get started? Pick your website and start adding all the details right here.