There are so many different "strategies" to creating a wedding registry.  Depending upon how long you have been single, you may be fully-stocked, or it could be you are fresh out of college, with nary a mixing bowl to your name.  The most important things to consider when building your list are what you need to make your home together and having a blend of practical and indulgence.  You want quality items that will last, but also trendy elements that you are in love with right now.  At Dillard's you can find what you need to fill your registry with gifts that you will use again and again.

For example, it's ideal for every home to have two sets of dishes, one for everyday use and one for entertaining. But you should love both.  A set of Fiestaware (above) has always been one of my favorites. They come in a crazy amount of colors, stand up well under wear and tear, and look classic when you are bringing something to the neighborhood block party.  But for those special occasions?  Put out something pretty. This gorgeous bird design (below) is perfect for summery brunches and afternoon teas.


Yes, you have a coffeemaker.  But do you have this coffeemaker?  With dual functions for coffee and hot water, it's a compact space saver.


You may not know this yet, but you can never have enough spoons and ladles and spatulas.  You just can't.  It's impossible.


You have no idea how much you need good-quality knives until you use one.  And all of a sudden that set you received as a bonus gift with your blender will just seem useless.  But they are an investment, so they are perfect to put either as a big-ticket item on your registry in a set, or register for individual knives so they can be more affordable gift options.


Sometimes you need to register for things that you just know you will never buy for yourself.  When the two of you are balancing your newlywed budget, chances are a folded up towel seems like a perfectly legit option as a bath mat.  But if someone gives you a super plush, luxe bath mat, every morning will just somehow seem better from the moment you step out of the shower.  Same goes for bath accessories.  I am not ashamed to admit that on more than one instance I have used a spare mug to hold my toothbrush and toothpaste.  But an accessory set will make your bathroom look chic and put together.


When it comes to your more expensive registry items, aim for neutrals.  You can change the look of your room by adding accessories in different colors without having the additional expenses of purchasing new comforters (above), curtains, couches, etc.  Adding bright pillows (below), rugs, and lamp shades can totally transform a room from year to year.


Lastly, good luggage is a great gift for a new couple.  You now have twice as many family and friends, and with those people come events.  Travel practically and in style with classic hanging bags and matching suitcases.