10.  Feminine Details

When it comes to Southern weddings, feminine gentility is the name of the game.  Certainly this is evident in the wedding's theme, color palette and details, but it is especially obvious when it comes to the bridal party.  From silk floral robes to vintage embroidered handkerchiefs, Southern belles know how to treat their favorite friends.  And speaking of friends...

Bridal Party Wearing Floral Bridesmaid Robes
Photo: Courtney Jones Photography

9.  Large Wedding Parties

It's not unusual for Southern wedding parties to be larger than a small wedding's entire guest list.  Kindergarten besties, sorority sisters, and cousins, these gals know how to keep a friend around!  If your nearest and dearest is in the double digits, why not include everyone?

Large Wedding Party at Florida Wedding
Photo: Andi Diamond Photography

8.  Best Food Ever

A menu filled with carb-loaded mac-n-cheese, fried okra, pies and biscuits? Yes, please and thank you!  No self-respecting Southern bride serves her guests tiny portions of impossibly gourmet food.  This is a celebration! Why would you serve your guests anything less than comfort food?

Mini Pie Wedding Dessert Bar
Photo: Heather Hawkins Photography

7.  Bridal Sessions

Southern women are nothing if not practical when they need to be.  Give your hair, makeup, and dress a test run in a bridal photo session. A long-standing tradition, these portraits maximize the use of the most expensive dress you will ever own, and save you valuable time on your wedding day!

Elegant Bridal Session with Ruffled Wedding Dress
Photo: Bon Vivant Photography

6.  Wedding Weekends

Attending a friend's wedding that falls south of the Mason-Dixon?  Don't be surprised if you are there for awhile.  Activities and get-togethers aplenty, Southern weddings are more of a weekend-long event, than the usual few hours.  All I'm saying is, pack plenty of options and remember to hydrate.

Florida Destination Wedding Program and Beach
Photo: Jessica Bordner

5.  Warm Weather Details

If you want to make your guests comfortable at your own summer wedding, take a cue from Southern events.  Turning programs into fans, handing out parasols at the door, and setting up the ceremony in an area with plenty of dappled shade are all things that the Southern bride has perfected.

Wedding Ceremony Paper Fans
Photo: Jessica Bordner

4.  Adherence to Etiquette

They may be old-fashioned, and we might not always agree on politics, but darn it, those ladies know how to write a thank you note!  Believing that etiquette isn't just about a list of rules, but rather guidelines for treating friends and family in the best, most respectful manner possible, Southern weddings adhere to the best of traditions.

Bride and Groom at Southern Wedding Ceremony
Photo: Anna & Spencer Photography

3.  Seersucker

Perhaps the single greatest contribution that Southern weddings have brought to wedding attire is the addition of seersucker suits for our favorite fellas.  Lightweight and breathable, this fabric feels as cool as it looks.  No bride wants to mistake a groom sweating in his wool suit for a case of cold feet!

Seersucker Wedding Suits for Groom & Groomsmen
Photo: Jessica Bordner

2.  Groom's Cakes

Yep. This is their doing, too.  And what a beautiful thing!  Why have one cake when you can have two?  No more fights over almond vs. mocha, or buttercream vs. fondant.  Southern brides know how to pick their battles carefully, so they just take one of each.

Memphis Grizzlies Groom's Cake
Photo: Anna & Spencer Photography

1. Casual Elegance

Muted color palettes, rustic details, vintage styling have been staples of Southern weddings since long before the booming popularity of the Mason jars and burlap.  Southern brides know how to throw an elegant, refined party that makes you feel completely at ease and at home.

Elegant Rustic Wedding Tablescape
Photo: Ulmer Studios

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