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Macy's wedding registry - Hypoallergenic White Down Comforter
Photo: Macy's

Cozy Necessities

When it comes to your bedroom, a white duvet cover and quality down comforter can last you for years to come. Not only are they comfy, neutrals are easy to mix and match with whatever décor styles you prefer.

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Monogrammed Details

Using monograms is an easy and classic way to personalize your wedding registry items. A popular idea includes stamping your last initial on hand towels, but why not go all-in with an entire bathroom set? 

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If you're all about the coffee, a simple coffee maker may not fulfill your needs. Skip the daily Starbucks habit with an all-in-one espresso machine - a quality option like this one can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

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Macy's wedding registry - Vintage Sugar & Creamer Set
Photo: Macy's

Coffee Complements

With coffee comes cute accessories. If you're the type who loves to host, impress your house guests with a classic cream and sugar set that fits right into brunch.

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Background Noise

It never hurts to have some background music while you're working in your home office or baking in the kitchen. An AM/FM radio will last you forever, but if you want to blast your own playlists, a classic option with modern capabilities is even better. 

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Gourmet Favorites

Sure, there are millions of recipes to try on Pinterest. But if you're wary of a #PinterestFail, keep a cookbook collection going for your favorite dishes. You can even pass these down for years to come.

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Macy's wedding registry - Cast Iron French Oven
Photo: Macy's

Cast Iron Classics

A brand new, shiny copper cookware set will definitely be worth your while, but don't forget the heavy-duty guys either. Cast iron cookware will last you through thick and thin from baking, frying and beyond.

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Traditional Porcelain

For the everyday table or formal settings, all-white porcelain is a timeless option for your dishes. It's durable and a match for whatever table décor you add to your wedding registry.

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Served In Style

Just like your flatware, it's a good idea to invest in quality serveware that won't bust after a few months (or just a few uses). Opt for a stainless steel collection that's durable with a polished finished.

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Macy's wedding registry - Blue and White Traditional China
Photo: Macy's

Fine China

Like all-white dishware, blue and white china is a tried and true wedding registry item. Stick to the traditional pattern, or opt for a more contemporary twist on this timeless design.

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Crystal Cocktails

Keep your bar classy with the addition of crystal drinkware. If you prefer more minimalist table details, consider plain crystal or glasses with an understated pattern. For a more elegant, traditional look, cut crystal patterns can be extremely elaborate.

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