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Paneled gold lanterns for wedding registry
Photo: West Elm

A Bold Pairing

Nothing stands out quite like a turquoise and gold palette. Whether you're opting for this color scheme for your new home or you just want to add a vibrant glow to your patio, these stained glass lanterns will do the trick.

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Gold deco barware collection for wedding registry
Photo: West Elm

Midas-Worthy Barware

Elegant and classic, golden barware adds a little glamour to any cocktail hour. As seen with this particular set, marble and gold combine beautifully to create a refined style.

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Gold bathroom accessory set for wedding registry
Photo: Wayfair

Trendy Accessories

The mirror isn't the only thing in your bathroom that needs to glimmer. Add a little extra shine to your space with a brassy accessory collection.

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Gold bar cat for wedding registry
Photo: Wayfair

Served In Style

For storage or a little extra serving space at your next party, why not serve your cocktail essentials on a golden platter? Or in this case, a bar cart. Ideal for a sleek modern space like this one, it's a functional and stylish piece for your room.

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Gold area rug for wedding registry
Photo: West Elm

Understated Patterns

You don't have to go all-out gold to make an impression. Distressed designs and subtle patterns like this botanical area rug are great ways to incorporate luxe accents. If you're designing a rustic-inspired haven, keep these ideas in mind while creating your wedding registry.

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Brass gold mirror tray for wedding registry
Photo: Pottery Barn

Mirror, Mirror

There are so many amazing uses for mirrors when it comes to designing your home. Hanging them up adds dimension to your walls, giving the space a larger appearance. Mirrored surfaces can also add a whole lot of chic to any décor. Style this tray with candles for a unique coffee table centerpiece, and add some old books for a more vintage vibe.

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Table Essentials

Stray from the traditional silverware and go for the gold. This shining flatware is perfect for special occasions, especially paired with red serveware for the holiday season.

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Celebrate gold trim dish for wedding registry
Photo: Wayfair

Party Picks

When it comes to designing your wedding registry, don't forget the details. Especially if you like to host guests often, cute finds like this gold trimmed bowl make practical and stylish additions to your new place.

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Nautical Style

Gold isn't just reserved for the most glamorous schemes. Paired with nautical navy and white stripes, it can emphasize more preppy vibes without going overboard.

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Embellished Initials

If you seek monogrammed wedding registry ideas, consider kitchen products like this personalized mug. It's simple design and detailed block lettering blends the best of minimalism and vintage elements.

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Gold accent stool for living room for wedding registry
Photo: Pottery Barn

Retro Dimensions

With its hammered texture and dimmed surface, this versatile accent piece adds just the right amount of gleam. For a modern or retro interior (or a space that combines both), you can't go wrong with a subtle textured find like this.

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Gold embroidered pillows for wedding registry
Photo: Pottery Barn

Rich Embroidery

As mentioned earlier, patterns are a great way to add a slight golden motif to any room. Combined with silvery details, these cozy pillows channel a mixed metal look.

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Gold leaf love birds framed print for wedding registry
Photo: Pottery Barn

Lovely In Leaf

For a more delicate appearance, gold foil or leaf is the way to go. It creates a matte-like textured for wall art just like this love birds print.

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Jet Setting Ready

If you're the couple who loves to travel, it doesn't hurt to add a little extra luggage to your wedding registry. Lightweight and durable, a hard cover suitcase set in gold adds a hint of luxe to your travels.

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Gold toaster for wedding registry
Photo: Crate&Barrel

Toasted to Golden Perfection

Built with stainless steel and brass, this toaster means business. If you want more heavy-duty kitchen equipment, wedding registry items incorporating this metal combo will last a long time.

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