The first time you see your bride or groom on your wedding day can be very emotional. All the planning, anxiety and excitement is built up into one overly joyful moment known as the "first look." These photographers have captured the real, spontaneous emotion from couples on their wedding day.

Andria Lindquist

1. Kaelin and Justin had to choke back their tears when they first saw each other.

Simply Bloom Photography

2. This couple had to wipe away their tears during their first look.

Stacy Jacobsen

3. A non-traditional couple shared tears of joy.

Vue Photography

4. The look on their faces is priceless.

J Wiley Photography

5. You can actually feel this groom's excitement.

Aric + Casey Photography

6. Tissues are an absolute must during first looks.

Kim Le Photography

7. A precious moment captured right before the ceremony.

Joe Elario Photography
Joe Elario 3
Joe Elario 2

8. His face says it all.

Jennifer Claire Photography

9. This groom serenaded his bride with an original song written just for her.

Kristen Marie

10. She took his breath away.

Brian Hatton Photography

11. You can feel the love.

Figlewicz Photography

12. Waterworks are pretty much guaranteed.

White Loft Studio

13. Just look at those smiles.

Olive Juice Studios

14. It looks as if they'll never let go.

Annie McElwain Photography

15. This groom's emotion is real.

Pickerill Creative

16. Now that is the smile of a happy bride.

Jasmine Star Photography

17. Don't forget the waterproof mascara!

Rad + In Love

18. His expression is priceless.

Brandon Kidd Photography

19. To say this groom is excited would be an understatement.

Michelle Newell Photography

20. His face is everything. Are you crying yet?

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