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Is wedding planning stressing you out? We completely understand. But it doesn't have to. Yes, there are countless decisions to make and details to consider—and some of them can have a pretty big impact on that all-important wedding budget. But with a little extra preparation and some must-have wedding planning tools, you'll be on your way to "I do" in no time. Here are five of the most important tools to help get you through wedding planning with ease.


The Complete Planning Checklist

Sometimes the best place to start is by just wrapping your head around everything that goes into wedding planning. And the easiest way to do that? Creating a custom wedding planning checklist. When you make your own checklist, you'll be able to start considering which details you do and don't want to include in your wedding, and figure out when you need to begin making decisions based on your own engagement timeline.

A Budget Tracker

Your wedding budget is likely one of the first major decisions you'll make when you begin wedding planning, but knowing exactly how it should be broken into separate categories is an entirely different conversation. While you'll ultimately have to decide how much of your financial focus will rest on certain items (venue, photography, and food are all big ones to consider), having a budget tracker will give you an idea of where to start. We like this one.

Your Free Wedding Website

A great wedding website may become your favorite wedding planning tool. With the right website, you can add details about your celebration, include your proposal story, and even share guest-centric information like travel details and ideas, and your wedding registry. Here are some of our favorite wedding website options to help you get started—but don't forget to make sure you choose something that speaks to your relationship and your upcoming celebration!

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Photo: Charla Storey

The Best Vendors

It's true: no wedding would be complete without a fantastic team of wedding vendors. But where do you start looking? A great local search tool is the best place to begin—you'll be able to see vendors near you, as well as read reviews from past clients and even see samples of their work. Not sure you know if you've found the right people? Here are five signs you have amazing wedding vendors.

A Personalized Wedding Registry

Although this addition to wedding planning won't necessarily help you bring your day-of ideas to life, it is certainly a wedding planning staple. Once you and your future spouse establish which type of registry best fits your newlywed status, whether that means a traditional kitchen registry or something a little more up-and-coming like a honeymoon or home fun registry, pick your favorite registry partner and put together all the details. Here are some of the best wedding registry options out there, just to help you get started.

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