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With a whole blank calendar in front of you, the sheer number of available opportunities can make the idea of choosing a wedding date feel overwhelming. Although it may be tempting to simply select a date smack in the middle of summer, there are so many factors to consider. Here are a few details to keep in mind while you make a decision about your wedding date.

Staying Sentimental

Many couples choose a wedding date based upon a sentimental choice, such as the anniversary of their first date or the birth date of a beloved relative who has passed. If you go with one of these dates, it can be fun to clue your guests in to the decision by making a note of it on your wedding website, adding a sign to your ceremony entrance, or including the information on your ceremony program. 

Venue Availability

If you have a specific venue in mind, then it's likely that their availability will influence your wedding date far more than any specific preference you have. Popular wedding venues can have very daunting wait lists, or jam-packed calendars, so make sure you contact your venue before any other wedding vendor if it's your top priority. That way you'll know what date to share with other professionals, like wedding photographers and caterers.


Pick a Season

Do the two of you love cozying up by the fire after a day spent skiing? Maybe you live for warm days relaxing on the beach? If you do have a favorite season, find a wedding date that will allow you to celebrate your wedding during a time of year that you already love. Especially if you go with seasonally-appropriate décor and details, the rest of your planning will be a breeze! Plus, you'll always have a good reason to plan annual celebrations in your favorite time of year for every anniversary to come.

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Planning Around Holidays

Holiday weekends can often be really convenient wedding dates when it means that the majority of your guest list will either already be in town or need an extra day of vacation to get to and from. On the flip side, be aware that sometimes travel costs can be higher during these holidays, and some guests will have conflicting plans for their time off. If you do decide on a holiday wedding, be sure to send out save the dates well in advance so guests can plan accordingly.

Shoulder Season Escape

Speaking of travel, if the two of you are really dreaming of a destination wedding, you may want to find a non-peak season wedding date. This will help more of your friends and family be able to attend an even that requires additional travel, and will also help keep you on-budget for your event! Research packages at your favorite resorts to see what sorts of deals they can offer you at less popular times of year, and choose your wedding date from there.

Looking for more wedding planning ideas and advice? Start here. And once you have your wedding date picked out, don't forget to add it to your wedding planning checklist.