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Photo: Kambria Fischer

After long days of planning, the week of your wedding has finally arrived! You've got the venue, the photographer and your best girls ready to stand by your side. Now all that's left are these tasks to finalize the last-minute deets.

Communicate with your guests.

Your wedding website is the key to keeping your guests in the loop throughout your wedding planning process. In the final stages of your day-of countdown, make sure all of your website info is updated for your guests, and don't forget to provide any parking or driving directions as needed.

Despite all the notice, you can probably expect at least a few stragglers who didn't RSVP. While it's not ideal when that happens, call any guest who didn't respond before providing your caterer with a final number. It's better to provide a head count in case those MIA invitees decide to attend, only to find no place to sit.

Tri-State Wedding by Ashley Caroline - mywedding magazine
Photo: Ashley Caroline

Prep your wedding day look.

Just like your ceremony and reception, your wedding day look deserves a run-through. When you pick up your dress, make sure all alterations are complete and try it on one last time. Get your nails done, and if you've scheduled a glam squad, call your hair and makeup stylists to re-confirm the day-of details. And when it comes to your shoes, break them in! Because there's nothing like aching feet to ruin a big day.

Pack your bags.

Whether you're getting married close to home or jet setting on your honeymoon right after your nuptials, set aside time to pack thoughtfully. Separate and label items you'll want to bring: day-of items (like ceremony decorations), a emergency beauty kit, weekend and honeymoon bags are all important. Nothing is worse than realizing you forgot your beachwear at home while you're on the plane to your Hawaiian honeymoon.

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Photo: Rachel Havel

Make it official.

At this point, your entire wedding is ready to happen. But your marriage isn't officially official until you've got the paperwork that says so. When it comes to your marriage license, some states require you obtain one at least 72 hours in advance. As excited as you are to get married, don't rush to apply too far in advance. The expiration date usually falls between 30-90 days after being issued.

Confirm everything with your vendors.

It never hurts to overcommunicate details including your location, time and date with your vendors. Call each one to re-confirm everything the week of, and provide a primary contact (not you!) for the day-of. While it's important to let your venue know when your vendors will be arriving, don't forget to convey details like specific shots for your photographer, or a song list for your DJ.

Rather than worrying day-of or after the wedding, now's the time to organize your final payments and tips for each vendor. Run through your checklist one last time, and use the right budgeting tools to stay on track with your money.