wedding venue patio surrounded by strings and heated with heat lamps

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are the perfect solution to a patio reception in early autumn. This time of year, the high and low temperatures can vary 30 degrees. Heat lamps will allow you to enjoy the clear, starry nights, while not getting chilled.  And even though they are a bit cumbersome when setting them up, they actually can blend really well with the rest of your rentals and decor.

elegant patio reception with string lights and heat lamps
small and rustic hot cocoa bar with flavorings and toppings

Hot Cocoa

Whether you want to serve hot cocoa, cider, coffee, or tea, a warm beverage will keep you toasty.  If you put out a bar filled with cocoa and toppings (below) it will also keep guests amused while you take your post-ceremony photos.

hot apple cider bar with tin mugs and fresh apples
bonfire at barn wedding reception


Don't put away the marshmallows and graham crackers just yet!  A clear fall evening is a romantic backdrop for a couple to cuddle up around the fire and make a couple of s'mores.  Make sure to provide plenty of seating around the firepit, and put a close relative or wedding party member on fire patrol to make sure it stays roaring (but not out of control).

bride and groom roasting marshallows over bonfire
vintage bride in lace wedding dress and faux fur stole
bride with fluufy white shrug over wedding dress


It's not just your guests who need help staying warm.  You may want to throw a little something over your shoulders for your trip to and from the venue. Glam brides may want to consider a vintage or faux fur stole. Those brides with a more rustic or retro style might prefer a sweet cardigan either in cream or a festively bright hue.

fall bride wearing cream colored cardigan over wedding dress
peach pashmina favor wrapped around reception chair
basket of wool blankets for wedding guests


Getting married outside on a cool, sunny afternoon in October?  You may want to provide guests with blankets, wraps, or pashminas to keep their teeth from chattering. If you have a small guest list you could even give them away as your favors.

colorful blankets draped over outdoor ceremony chairs
baskets of blankets on top of hay bales at rustic wedding

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