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Online Registry
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Online Registry

Creating a wedding registry used to mean scouring the aisles of your favorite department store just to hunt down every single item. Sounds more like a chore than fun, right? Thankfully it's easier than ever to choose and update items with a free online registry. The best part? You don't have to deal with the hassle of the shopping crowds.

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Vendor Search
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Vendor Search

Selecting the right vendors to make your dream wedding become a reality can be an overwhelming process. No matter the location, budget or theme of your wedding, using vendor search gives you the ability to find the best of the best instantly. Stuck on narrowing down choices to fit your wedding's style? You can read client reviews and feedback. As a thank you to your vendors and other brides-to-be, make sure to take a few moments to write your own reviews after your big day.

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Wedding Planning Tools
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Budget & Checklist

Maybe you're planning a wedding on a tight schedule, a tight budget or both. No matter your situation, you don't have to miss a single detail as long as you have personalized wedding planning tools. From sending out the invitations to scheduling your honeymoon, an online checklist will help you plan a celebration that fits your style all while sticking to your chosen budget.

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RSVP Manager

You'd think something as simple as checking "yes" or "no" shouldn't take much time but unfortunately, that's not always the case. Getting your wedding guests to RSVP via mail is like pulling teeth, so why not make it easier for everyone with just the click of a button? When you create a free wedding website, you can track and manage all your RSVPs in just one place. It streamlines your entire planning process and so you can focus on carefully selecting the greater details for your big day...you know, like sampling wedding cakes.

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Free Wedding Website

Before you take a step down the aisle, there's one more step to take in the planning process. If you haven't already, create your free website to communicate directions, accommodations and any other important details to your guests. Everything they need to know is right in one place, and you can even customize it with whatever theme your little heart desires. Out of all the wedding planning tools out there, this is the one that will really give your parents wedding planning envy.