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Your wedding was in June and those blank thank you notes are still haunting your desk each evening.  It's time to dust off your ballpoint pen and get to writing!  Here are 5 tips to make sending out your thank you notes personal and painless.

Tip #1:  Start out with a list of interesting anecdotes or memories from the wedding.

You're going to be about 5 notes in before you feel a profound sense of deja vu.  Every card is going to start sounding the same.  Switch it up! Come up with a list of "filler" to put in between the more personal aspects of the thank you note.  Talk about good times at the wedding, or a fun story from your honeymoon travels.

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Tip #2: Purchase an appropriately sized thank you card for your writing style.

Don't buy large thank you cards if your plan is to keep things short and sweet. Every thank you card should specifically thank the sender for the gift, mention something you liked about the gift (or what you will use it for), and a couple of sentences worth of conversation.  If you are planning on being more long-winded, buy a nice-sized card, otherwise look for notes such as these adorable mini-cards above. They are the perfect size for a healthy paragraph.

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Tip #3: Don't put them off for too long.

Ideally, these notes should be sent no longer than 3 months after you received the present.  If that date has long since come and gone on your calendar, don't use it as an excuse to not send them at all.  Write them as soon as you can, even if you only tackle a small handful each night. Better late than never!

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Tip #4:  Your new spouse should be writing them, too.

Don't let his claims of bad handwriting allow him to weasel his way out of writing his fair share.  Gone are the days when the bride wrote all the notes.  Have him write notes to his friends and some of his family members. You can write notes to your own friends and some members of your family. But it is a nice touch for the two of you to write thank you notes to each other's immediate family members.

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Tip #5:  Your cards and letter should be a reflection of you.

Choose cards that you love (or even those that reflect your wedding's style). Don't go with cards that you think are on-trend or formal, unless you really like them.  Your guests will be so happy to hear from you, so make them instantly recognize you in the note.

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