stylized e-session picnic

Before you find any of the following proclamations upsetting, let me throw in a preventative disclaimer.  These 5 trends are just about through being trends.  That doesn't mean that you can't include them in your wedding. A trend is meant to introduce the public to something new, something outside their comfort zone that they might be inspired by.  Skinny jeans? Total trend.  But plenty of women still love them despite boyfriend jeans being the next big thing.  When it comes to your wedding planning, we have no desire to fill your inspiration boards with trends you're not connected to.  We want your weddings to be full of choices you adore, and details that completely represent the two of you.  So, without further ado, here are 5 trends that we think we'll be seeing a lot less of in 2015.

Highly Stylized E-Sessions

Maybe I'm just lazy, but I normally do not bring bell jars and cake plates to a Sunday afternoon picnic (above).  From elaborate camp sites to veritable banquets in the park, we've seen it all. And don't get me wrong, they make for pretty pictures.  But I think a lot of those couples are going to be making the same excuse when their kids look at their e-session filled with props and sets, "Everyone was doing it."  Don't let elaborate styling overtake the beauty of the two of you. If you really want a stylized e-session, have it reflect some part of your life together. If you are both teachers, of course you should do a back-to-school themed shoot. That's fun.  But if you have never been camping in your life, why are you sitting under a makeshift tent surrounded by vintage lanterns?

Red Lipstick

I blame Taylor Swift for this one.  She completely inspired legions of women to embrace bright red lips. But red can be tricky, especially with bridal attire. So, we love the fact that lipstick trends have moved towards ruby and berry shades to allow for more skin tones and styles.  Plenty of women loved bright red lips before this trend hit it big, so by all means, if you rock the scarlet every day, go for it!

brides with red lipstick

Mason Jars

Southern brides are probably more than a little upset. What used to make their weddings so distinctive, has now co-opted everything from wedding invitations to "redneck" goblets.  Mason jars are fantastic, but do they need to be the main theme of your event?  While we love the practicality of Mason jars for brides that use them beyond the wedding (and why, yes, we would welcome a can of raspberry jam), we think this trend has just about seen its pinnacle.  I recently saw a wedding that featured Mason jar invites, signage, favors, glasses, and votive holders in trees. Unless your event is being sponsored by the Ball Corporation, a little bit goes a long way.

Mason jar centerpieces

Chuck Taylors

These Converse shoes are beyond cute, but we suspect many a groomsman has rocked them because they matched the bride's color palette.  And even though we continue to see people wear these in real life, perhaps this trend is starting to fade away because it's a bit more casual than the glam details we're seeing for 2015 weddings.  Does your groom normally wear these?  If not, have him choose a shoe that showcases his own style more accurately.

groomsmen in Chuck Taylors

Moustache Details

From photo booth props to temporary tattoos, moustaches have seemed to invade every corner of our lives.  And we were totally on board for the first few months of this old-fashioned-meets-hipster trend. It's playful and lively.  But much like Mason jars, once it is everywhere (like Grandma's cell phone case) that is usually signaling the trend is about to end.

moustache detail wedding decor

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