dress flower details

1.  Sagging bustle:  If you have a complicated or very heavy bustle or if someone steps on your gown, save the day with safety pins attached to the lining near the hem of your gown.  You can find other tips for emergency gown care here.

2.  Flowers:  Practice holding your flowers low so you do not obscure the details on your gown.  Otherwise you will see more flowers than gown in your video and your photographs.

3.  Veils and hairstyles:  A veil should frame your face—not hide it.  And do not hide the right side of your face with your hair.  That’s the side next to your groom, which is the side everyone wants to see when you are at the altar.

white tuxedo groom

4.  Photographs:  Uncle Joe is not trained to stay out of the way so others can see you when you exchange your vows.  It’s also not fair to a relative who wants to enjoy the celebration.  Let a professional capture all those special moments so you have perfect memories..

5. Schedule:  If there must be a long delay between the ceremony and reception, offer guests options such as a lounge in the reception venue or, for out-of-town guests, a list of nearby things to do.  On the other hand, do not forget to allow enough time for photographs.  No worries if you miss hors d’oeuvres with your guests, but a dinner that’s overcooked because photographs went on too long is a disaster.  Consider posing for formal photographs before the ceremony, and then you will have extra time to spend with your guests.

6.  Kids:  Very young attendants should get to bed early the night before the wedding.  If mom and dad are in the wedding party, too, designate someone to watch them during the ceremony.  Whether children are in the wedding party or not, things such as snacks and coloring books can hold their interest.  At the reception, serving children’s meals promptly and having more books and crayons on hand will help keep them at the table. 

hands during vows

One more tip:  After all your thoughtful planning, try to relax and enjoy each and every moment.  It will all go by much too quickly.

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