Bride and groom smile as they pet a donkey in an open forest on their wedding day.

Choosing your venue is one of the first, big choices you'll have to make and it dictates a lot of your decisions down the road - number of guests, time of day, even the style of your wedding - so you want to be sure it is an excellent match. We're thinking you have a pretty good idea of the usual suspects (and you can always check out our vendor guides for more ideas) so we've put together a list of venues you may not have thought of, to open the playing field a bit as it were.

Cruise ship: With meals taken care of, activities for all ages, and everyone, literally, in the same place, you'll have plenty of opportunities to spend real quality time with your guests. Plus, once everyone's on board, there isn't much to worry about or plan - a definite plus!

Place where you went on your first date: Whether you first locked eyes at a swanky restaurant, a local coffee shop, or the ring toss at your local amusement park, just about everywhere is open to hosting ceremonies and receptions these days. Not only does it work as a unique setting, but it makes for a personal event that you can bet will keep guests talking.

Observatory: There's nothing more romantic than a ceremony under the stars; unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't always come with a rain guarantee. An observatory is the next best thing, where you get the wonder of the Night Sky with the guarantee of a cozy reception.

Movie theater: For true movie buffs, could there be anything better than getting married at your local cinema? I'm thinking historic movie theater, guests munching on concession stand treats and a romantic flick, starring the two of you (your wedding slide show would probably do it). Many theaters actually have banquet/meeting space so you could even host your dinner there...

Farm: Around here, we're totally in love with ceremonies and receptions held at farms. The outdoor setting has a magical quality when decorated with only a few fairy lights while it's versatile enough that you can still hold a classic, vintage or DIY wedding, based on your style. Plus, there's nothing quite like a photo with a roaming donkey or horse....

Courthouse: A venue that's an oldie, but a goodie, we had to include courthouse weddings because they're so darn romantic. Whether you bring the whole crew or opt for a ceremony with just the two of you, getting hitched at the courthouse is a timeless way to say, "I do."

Mountaintop: Give your guests a taste of the Great Outdoors (and get close to Mother Nature) with a ceremony on a mountaintop. To make it really unforgettable, get guests to the ceremony site by a scenic gondola ride or make it a true adventure and snowmobile them in. Either way they'll be thanking you once they see the views.

Any that we missed?

Photo by Munroe Photography. See the rest of Lydia and Christian's wedding.