This year, thankfully, February 14th falls on a Saturday.  A holiday celebrating romance should just never fall on a week day. Ever.  Because "No more wine for me, honey. I have to get up early," is a total bummer.  So, it's terrific that this Valentine's is on a weekend, leaving plenty of time for special dates and sweet nothings.

Dine Unconventionally

Anyone can make cocktails and steak dinners romantic, but what about blueberry pancakes?  Use the fact you have all day to dine out at places and times that the usual Valentine's Day crowd may not.  Try that new brunch place down the street that has been getting all the raves, or even the food truck you used to meet at for lunch while you were dating.

Retro Kitsch

That disco roller rink is calling your name. Sip on blue raspberry Slush Puppies and soak up all of the cheesy fun.  Travel to that old drive-in theater several towns over and cuddle up with sodas and popcorn.  Or go the local drugstore that still has that gorgeous antique soda fountain. And yes, a shared straw in that chocolate malt is a must.

Outdoor Excursion

If the weather is decent (and this time of year, this is probably only true for half of us), spend some time outdoors. Wake up early and go for a short hike. If you are near the mountains, there's no time like the present to strap on your skis or grab the sled.  Even if all the two of you do is window shop, fresh air is always a nice way to start the day.

Road Trip

You have the whole weekend, so jump in the car and head somewhere you've always wanted to take the time to see.  Just make sure that if you will be staying overnight, that you make a reservation first. Valentine's Day is always a notoriously busy holiday for romantic bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels.

Be Tourists in Your Own City

It seems like we miss so much in our own cities until guests come to visit. Don't wait--try out some of these fun activities now. In Seattle? Take a spin on the relatively new Great Wheel.  Washington D.C.? You haven't visited the Smithsonian since that high school field trip.  Las Vegas? Break your strict "No Vegas Strip" policy and take a gondola ride at The Venetian. Find an activity you will both enjoy and don't forget to Instagram all of the silliness along the way.

Scratch Something Off Your Bucket List

Sit down with your respective bucket lists (and if you don't have one, why not start now?) and pick one thing you can check off together. From singing Streisand at a karaoke bar to jumping out of an airplane (yikes!), these fear conquering moments will be memorable and relationship-building.

Take a Class

Has your honey always wanted to learn how to brew his own beer? Would you love to be able to tango?  Search for classes that interest you in your area and arrange to take both over the course of the weekend. Learning about each other's interests will be interesting--and who knows--you might even find a new hobby along the way.

Photo Credit: Powers Photography Studios