When I created this registry wish list, I knew how much I love casual entertaining, baking for friends and family, and a neutral palette (it allows me to add lots of pops of color during different seasons if I want to).

10-piece-2.25-10.25-glass-bowl-set copy

Glass prep bowls are the best.  They come in handy for more than just baking. You will use them for everything from movie night popcorn to displaying scented potpourri.

11-1--kitchen-conversion-cutting-board copy

Unfortunately, some of the best recipes are written using the metric system (which tends to be a complete mystery to Americans). This cutting board will help you make easy conversions.

ansel-plaid-fireplace-screen copy

I really love decor inspired by mid-century modern design. This fireplace screen is an example, with its clean lines and minimalist edge.

beckett-graphite-linen-table-runner copy

If you love to change color palettes with your mood or the seasons, neutrals provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing backdrop. This graphite-colored table runner is pretty on its own, or as a background to a bright centerpiece.

chemex-ottomatic-coffee-maker copy

Coffee is essential. I don't need a margarita machine or deluxe juicer, but I do need a quality cup of Joe in the morning.

DavisStrgOttoNHlfAshSHF15_16x9 copy

Don't you just love it when something serves a dual purpose?  This lovely ottoman is also a storage unit for things like board games and magazines (I have plenty of both that need to be contained).

dexter-arc-floor-lamp-with-grey-shade copy

Good lighting can completely transform a room. This lamp is gorgeous to look at while also giving your living room a warm and welcoming glow.

don-rocks-glass copy

These rocks glasses are another nod to mid-century modern design, looking like they absolutely belong on Don Draper's bar.  Must have.

kitchenaid-pistachio-electric-kettle copy

Electric kettles are great when you're having company over that might want an array of different hot beverages. It heats up the water quickly and quietly.

wooden-yard-dice-game copy

With all of this bleak weather, I'm really looking forward to summer. I would love to plan a few barbeques and play Yahtzee in the yard with these oversized wooden dice.

How do you want your home to feel?  Design your space with a Crate and Barrel wedding registry!