mesh-silver-bulletin-board copy

Clutter can completely take over a space in no time at all. Use the vertical space in your home and find a board to hang notes to each other, take out menus, and those paint chips you're considering.

max-chrome-three-shelf-unit copy

Even if you don't know where you will be living yet, you can register for flexible shelving that will allow you to organize just about anything. Use this metal unit above for everything from cleaning up your laundry room to tucking inside your pantry for extra storage.

Likewise, these tiered fruit baskets can keep your kitchen counter from being overly cluttered, but will also work well to hold things like balls of yarn for knitters or coffee for couples in need of a strong brew.

tiered-baskets copy

rand-coat-rack-and-mirror copy

Create a handy spot to hang your coats and check your lipstick on the way out the door with this mirrored coat rack!


We're betting that you are going to need a little more space in the bathroom. This beautiful shelving looks stylish and help clear some valuable real estate on your shared counter.

steele-vertical-canvas-laundry-bin copy

These next two items are more than just space savers, they are marriage savers.  Give him a place to throw his dirty clothes other than the floor with this cool hamper (above).  And although he will never really understand your relationship with shoes, he will definitely appreciate you keeping them up and out of the way.

supreme-adjustable-rolling-shoe-rack copy
clapboard-bourbon-60-media-console copy

Looking for some big ticket items to add to your registry list?  Consider selecting some furniture that also provides plenty of organization!  This entertainment center appears small, but will keep all of your consoles and Blu-Rays neatly hidden.

BigSurSideboardNaturalSHS15_16x9 copy

You love the wedding china you've registered for. It will be so wonderful to use on special occasions. But where do you put it when it's not in use?  Sideboards like the one above not only give you this storage, but also another flat surface to display cookbooks or use as a buffet table.

Your new swanky barware will need a new home, too. We love this gorgeous and multi-functional bar cabinet that has shelves designed for wine, glasses, and bottles of liquor.

parker-spirits-bourbon-cabinet copy

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