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Bright & Juicy Hues

Registering in the spring means being able to select from a wide range of cheerful colors and peppy details. We love these products for creating a joyful and festive spring wedding registry. Crate and Barrel's wedding registry provides its customers with quality products, from classics to seasonal trends. We think you will adore this new collection of spring gifts, perfect to usher in the new season!This set of tumblers in juicy hues is just what you need to perk up your breakfast table for a rainy day brunch.

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A Personalized Cuppa Joe

Just because the sun is rising earlier doesn't mean we need our morning cup of coffee any less. Enjoy the start of your morning in a delightful alphabet mug. Register for a variety of mugs, including those with your first and last intials, plus an ampersand one to join everything together.

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Warm Weather Ahead!

As spring gets into full swing, we all get blessed with the occasional sunny day. Savor your warm weather with a mini tiki party on your patio thanks to these retro mai tai mugs and matching dishes. You can use them through summer for fun backyard get togethers and picnic date nights.

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Get Ready for Greens

Spring also heralds the start of fresh produce aplenty. Get ready for salad season with these awesome wooden utensils. Provided you follow the care instructions, these will last you for countless summers.

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Awash with Florals

Watercolor prints are not only on trend, they are also timeless patterns. These floral print placemats will give your dining table a boost of spring with its pretty, muted tones.