While everyone who sends you a gift should be sent a wedding thank you note, some friends and family deserve a little something special for all of their extra efforts. Rather than sending them one of your standard thank you cards, purchase a cool note just for them!

thank you card for mother and father of the bride or groom
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Your Parents

Whether they are footing the entire bill or just lending valuable moral support, send your parents a personal thank you card to show them how much you appreciate their help. As grooms are traditionally not so great with this sort of thing, purchase an additional card for his parents and write it together. Single out each parent for the important roles they played on your wedding day and recognize individual efforts, such as how your mom fixed your dress or how his dad got the party started by singing with the band.

floral bridesmaid thank you card
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Your Wedding Party

You can give your bridesmaids and groomsmen a wedding thank you note with their gift, or send out a card after the wedding. Express your gratitude at the sacrifices they made to be a part of your celebration (being in the wedding party is almost always costly when all is said and done) and how much you value their friendship.

yellow thank you card
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Your Bestie

Maybe she was your maid of honor, or perhaps she was just a guest, but either way, this girl is your lifeline. She helped you find the great dress, held your hair back at the bachelorette party, and has carried you through every wedding planning crisis. Show her that you totally get this wedding wouldn't have happened without her by giving her a special card that thanks her for all the things.

succulent thank you card
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Your Vendors

It isn't unusual to develop great relationships with your wedding vendors, particularly those you spend the most time with, such as your photographer or wedding planner. If your vendors produced a wedding that was everything you wanted, a thank you card is definitely in order. Find one that you think reflects your event, such as this cutie (pictured above) for a wedding filled with succulents.

modern and colorful thank you card
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Your Wedding Day Savior

Something usually goes wrong on your wedding day simply because there are so many moving parts. Maybe the caterer gets lost, or perhaps the parking lot floods. But the best thing about having all of your friends and family in one place? They are going to help you. Inevitably at nearly every wedding, there is a guest that steps up to help your day go off without a hitch. So thank Aunt May for searching the entire venue for the mischieveous flower girl who decided to play hide and seek minutes before the ceremony starts. Or your cousin for making the very hungover groomsmen pots of black coffee. Or your college roommate for bringing extra umbrellas in case it rained. While these people don't expect an extra-special acknowledgment, they will be touched at your recognition.