We're thrilled to introduce a new guest blogger to the mywedding scene! Alexandra, the author of ultra-pretty wedding and lifestyle blog Heart Love Always, will be joining us here to chat about wedding planning and ooh and ahh over the gorgeous details that make this celebration complete. This week, we asked Alexandra a few questions about her own blogging world and favorite wedding whims to help us all get a little bit better acquainted. Here are all the specifics!


How long have you been blogging at Heart Love Always? How did you get into blogging?

Heart Love Weddings was born out of a desire to share not just beautiful wedding details, but also the love story of every bride and groom. I think I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over other wedding blogs and wondered what the story was behind those sweet smiles for a year before I decided to find out for myself. In the three years that followed, I shared nothing but real weddings and engagement shoots, inspiration, and wedding planning tips. But I felt like something was missing. There’s so much more to my life than just weddings. I love makeup, and shopping, and talking about blogging and business, home decor, and learning how to cook from my mom. Never mind the fact that I’m not married, or even engaged!!

That’s when I realized what was missing. That’s when I realized I was basically ignoring the single girls (like me) and the newly wedded wives by only being a wedding blog (a place for the engaged girl to come and get tips, ideas, and inspiration). It was then that I decided to become a lifestyle and wedding blog. A place for single gals, engaged gals, and newly wedded wives to come for tips, ideas, and inspiration on anything from recipes, home decor, fashion, beauty, diy, weddings, blogging and business, and so much more!

One year later, we’re still doing this and now go by the name Heart Love Always, which I felt was the perfect name for a blog blended together by everything I love.

What’s your favorite part of or moment in a wedding?

I love the first look. Whether that’s a private moment between the bride and groom and captured by the photographer or when they first see each other when the bride walks down the aisle. The looks on their faces, the happy tears and smiles, melt my heart every single time.

What’s your favorite wedding trend right now?

I’m loving all of the lace wedding dresses and dresses with dramatic backs. I’m also a big fan of naked cakes!!

Your current pick for the ultimate first dance song?

“Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

What are three things you always have in your purse?

Besides the obvious keys, wallet, and iPhone (can’t go anywhere without those), I have to have hand sanitizer, some kind of lip product (which is more than likely lip gloss most of the time), and a hair tie.

When you plan your own wedding someday, what is one detail you know you’ll have to include?

Really fantastic shoes!!


Keep an eye out for more posts from Alexandra in the coming weeks. We can't wait to see what wedding planning ideas and advice she has to share!