My fiance is telling me that in addition to paying for a lavish party for our guests, we also need to buy wedding favors to thank them for coming.  Is this really necessary?  Brian, Salt Lake City, UT

Many people wonder if wedding favors are required.  And I suppose, no, they are not absolutely necessary.  However, to decide whether or not to buy token thank you gifts to your guests for coming based upon whether or not you HAVE to is sort of missing the point.  Favors are just a gesture.  They do not need to be expensive, elaborate, or contrived.  Rather than looking at these as one more expense, view them as a fun way to show your new couple personality and to make your guests feel appreciated.  Yes, you have paid a great deal of money to throw them a party, and if something has to give, favors are not required. Just remember, chances are, your guests have also incurred a fair number of expenses to attend your event, and, if you can afford them, favors are an excellent way to express your thanks.