My parents don't like my fiancee. They don't really have a legitimate reason, other than that they just pictured me with somebody different. My family is really casual and very outdoorsy, and Heather is very girly and prefers shopping to camping. It's not like she's snobby (she's very kind) or anything, and even my mom admits that Heather has never had an attitude. But we are all very close and they had these ideas of family camping trips and flag football games in their heads. My mom has said she doesn't approve of us getting married and that she won't support it because she believes I should wait for someone else. What should I do? James, Gresham, OR

Well, unfortunately, there's no easy answer here. It sounds like you have tried to reason with your family, and it sounds like Heather hasn't offended them, at least intentionally. This hardly seems like the type of thing to make such a big deal over, so you should probably double check that they don't have anything more substantial as a cause for their feelings. It could also be that you just need to tell your family that you are completely committed to Heather, and that they need to re-evaluate what is truly important. You may have to choose between your family and your fiancee, as sad as that sounds. Whatever decision you make, be willing to stand behind it. If you decide to continue the engagement, that is your decision and passive-aggressiveness towards your fiancee is not an option.