My fiancée and I would love to have a large wedding, but our budget is limited. If we cut the guest list, who do we cut? Zach, Madison, WI

First, if you are trying to have a more lavish affair, and what you can afford would force you to dramatically cut your guest list, plan a simpler wedding. For example, if in your perfect world, you have 200 guests in attendance, but to have the wedding you want, you can only have 50, you should try cutting out more expenses before guests.

If you really do need to trim the list, I suggest making rules. For example, no children under the age of 13, no co-workers, no relatives we haven't spoken to in over 10 years, etc. Although this sounds silly, making rules can help prevent hurt feelings later, when someone wonders why they weren't invited.

The safest bet is to stick to family first, close friends next, and continue to extend the circle until you have reached your guest limit. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Austin & Dara