I just got engaged to my fiancée and because of how far I live from my parents (across the country, actually), they've only met her a couple of times. How should I tell them? Luke, Greensboro, NC

Well, unless you are planning a visit in the next few days, I suggest simply calling them on the phone and announcing the good news. After the announcement is made, perhaps plans can be made for a visit. If you do tell them over the phone and your fiancée is present, make sure to let them know before you tell them of your engagement. One couple I know decided to tell his parents over the phone, and not knowing he was on speaker with her, immediately followed up their son's announcement with, Why? You haven't been dating that long and we don't really like her. Awkward. So, if you feel your parents might be prone to an inappropriate and relationship-crushing outburst, you may even want to call them alone.