My fiancé and I can't seem to pick a date. We don't really care when we get married and have no preference over a certain season or day. What are some other factors we should consider? - Matthew, Thousand Oaks, CA

When picking a wedding date so many factors can come into the decision, some more practical than others. Maybe you've always wanted a summer wedding, or dreamed of a horse-drawn sleigh through the snow, or perhaps love the idea of an Easter weekend event. Just dont forget that no matter what day you choose, this will be when you celebrate your anniversary.

One of my friends has yet to celebrate her anniversary, on the actual day, because she and her husband were married in late spring, the weekend after college graduation. Both of them entered into careers in higher education, and for the last fifteen years, grading finals is how they have celebrated. The same is true for holiday weekends. Most holiday weekends are about travel or family and long-standing traditions. Not exactly the time for romantic evenings, you know?