We've talked recently about how to look at inspiration without losing your mind, and a main component of that is self-awareness. You need to recognize the type of bride you naturally are, rather than imitate one you've seen in a magazine or on TV. Let's discuss how to keep your wedding a reflection of the two of you, rather than a compilation of greatest hits from Pinterest.
bride in dense forest
Who are you?
Do you have 30 pairs of jeans but only one LBD? Was the last time you went to a posh hotel for your senior prom? Do you prefer to go makeup-free most of the time? Then chances are you are not the type of bride who would want her wedding in a lavish ballroom with guests in formal attire. However, I do have a very important caviat to add to this. It doesn't matter who you are on an everyday basis, if you have envisioned a wedding that you have your heart set on, do that. No matter what it is. If that wedding is truly what you and your sweetie want, it doesn't matter how different it is from you on a random Tuesday. It should just be because that is the wedding of your dreams, not someone else's.
Know your gifts.
A lot of brides are inspired by the DIY projects they see on Pinterest. And the thing is they seem easy enough. But all you have to do is browse blogs highlighting Pinterest fails to see that they might be just a bit more difficult to pull off with such artistic aplomb. Know what you are talented at, and what might be better left to the experts. For example, I'm a pretty crafty person, but I also know that I am a better curator than a creator. So, if I really loved a particular DIY wall decor, I'm going to go through my contact list and hire the people that I know can do it better. I'll be happier with the product in the end, and experience less stress and frustration.  Know thyself in the same way. If you make the best paper lanterns ever, why wouldn't you include a few in your big day?
Wedding trends should be about inspiration, not competition.
I love a new wedding trend. When food stations exploded a few years ago, I was thrilled because it completely revolutionized how couples looked at their wedding menus. Trends can be fun and inspire you to look at your event in a totally new way. The downside to trends? The Mason jar. Don't get me wrong, at the beginning I loved the homespun, Southern-inspired charm of Mason jar details. But now you can't find a wedding without them. Don't get caught up in an one-upmanship wedding game. Just because your cousin or best friend had a particular something cool at their wedding, doesn't mean you have to "keep up" by incorporating the same thing. Everything at your wedding ought to make sense to you. From the flowers in the centerpieces to the flavor in the cake, these things ought to be what the two of you love. Use inspiration (whether in a magazine or at someone's wedding) as a guide, not a measuring stick.
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