Wedding invitation and dessert information attached to a small bubble container.

It will forever surprise me how much people want to help with weddings. They want to be involved. They want to make sure things are going smoothly, that you're not losing your hair, that they didn't pick a dress or a tie that's going to clash horribly with the surroundings.

Which is good, because it's truly impossible to do all of this by yourself.


Especially if you have a bad habit of coming up with very detailed ideas and building them up in your mind and then not being able to let them go when it becomes clear that dropping them would really be the simplest thing to do. Check out my wine bottle blog if you need an example of the wedding projects that have come out of this brain. I'm still in love with them, and honestly they weren't that hard to pull off, but a piece of paper with a number on it maybe just might have been easier.

Still, with the wedding less than a week away (!!!!), I am realizing on a completely different level how important everyone else is in this project. Our programs for example. And the bubbles. And the labels we're sticking in some of our cupcakes (okay this one's all me, but Shayne and I went to a wedding recently and I picked up what I thought was a harmless vanilla cupcake and bit into it with my usual amount of pre-cupcake joy and it was coconut. I know some people love coconut. I know they adore it. I even know I put coconut milk on my cereal every morning. But that was not the happy ending I'd imagined. So we're labeling our cupcakes. Because no one should think they're getting chocolate and wind up with strawberry instead. Plus then the world can see how awesome all the flavors truly are! Or maybe this is all because I spend too much time thinking about cupcakes. Maybe.). None of those things would have ever gotten done if two of Shayne's friends and my maid of honor hadn't sacrificed an afternoon and cut and folded and hole-punched and tied and dealt with my ever-present tendency towards OCD. And they did all of this willingly. And when they left they asked if there was more they could do to help.

And this is how weddings happen. This is how brides and grooms get down the aisle without looking like extras from a zombie movie. It's because the people around us don't just ask nicely how things are going, they roll up their sleeves and jump in to make sure that they're going well. They give up their own pre-wedding primping to make sure that you can get your hair done and have all the seating cards correctly alphabetized when you show up at the reception. They cut paper until their eyes start to cross. They throw you bridal showers and send you cards.

They want everything, all of it, the wedding, the marriage, the happily ever after, to succeed.

Yes, I'm probably a hopeless romantic. But I like living in a world where people love like this. Even if we are talking about reception bubbles.