Well, I was right about one thing. The lull (which I think I correctly identified as a lull) did come to an end. And now I'm feeling a little bit cheated, because I'm pretty sure it only lasted a week. Maybe I'll find another one down the road, but for now I'm back to planning at ninety miles an hour. And, admittedly, loving it. This week was more detail-dedication; like deciding that I do want to use postcards in lieu of a guestbook (Colorado-specific postcards on each table for guests to write on = decoration and theme and feeding my personal postcard fever aka three levels of wonderful) and a whole barrage of emails sent into cyberspace in search of a day of coordinator (shout-out to's vendor pages right now).

And, drumroll please, hours and hours of perfectionist-driven dedication spent designing our wedding invitations themselves. I have a real job, I promise. It's just that this is the kind of semi-artsy/crafty stuff that translates to stress relief in my world. Since we're doing the designing for any and all paper goods ourselves, I'm sure I'll be seeing quite a bit more relaxation time in the next several weeks.

I know invitations won't need to go out in the mail for awhile and that I most likely don't need to order them for a couple more weeks, but my attempts at DIY tend to involve more than one run-through. And my plan for RSVP cards (coffee-stained antiqued manila tags, anyone?) has managed to jam my printer enough times that we're no longer on speaking terms (I spent about three minutes trying to convince my hand to write in Courier New before researching alternatives).

But, RSVP cards and printing problems aside, the invitations themselves are well on their way to (in my clearly biased opinion) perfection. And I'm probably over-estimating their worth (as temporary refrigerator decorations, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person out there who's going to frame this thing), but we're using a photo that we took on a hike last summer and laying the font over it and if you're DIYing anything with words and haven't heard of (a website that offers dozens of free downloadable fonts for personal use), please check it out because it's not only made my life more invitation-designer-friendly, it's made it more cost effective. Additionally, in a semi-environmentally friendly and semi-theme-oriented effort, we're also using brown recycled paper envelopes from Paper and More, who have all sorts of paper goods that make my heart happy. What they don't have is a way to successfully work a piece of paper the size of my iPhone through a printer.

Unfortunately, on that note, I have a printer to jam. Happy planning!