Molokini off the coast of Maui for a Hawaii honeymoon
Photo: Unsplash

Congrats, Anne!  We are so happy to have Anne back with us after her wedding a couple weeks ago.  She has graciously agreed to continue blogging with us to chronicle her first year of married life!

Shayne and I have officially been married for two (and almost a half) weeks. And it is just finally starting to sink in that I have a husband. I love talking about my husband (yesterday I totally abused the privilege. I'm not sure what it was, but I managed to work some random bit of information about my "husband" into every single conversation I had. Then, of course, I proudly went home and announced to my husband how many times I said the word "husband" that day. I think that's the point at which he started feeling sorry for every stranger I'd met.). I love knowing I get to wake up next to him each morning. And I love finally being back from our honeymoon, incredible as it was, and starting to make his house our home.

But I'm not going to lie, it took me almost the whole length of our honeymoon to "detox" my mind from the wedding itself. Which means that I literally woke up the morning after our wedding and found myself going through the mental checklists I'd gone through for weeks prior to the wedding, and especially the day before: jars, table numbers, dress, shoes, marriage license, bridesmaids, future husband; I did my best to shut it off.

Of course, it helped when we made it to our honeymoon (Maui offers a plethora of adventures and distractions and we took full advantage of them and even managed to convince Shayne that going surfing did not guarantee death by shark attack. Thank goodness we had our honeymoon before "Shark Week", and the checklists slowly faded into oblivion).

We did, however, spend some quality time doing what we like to refer to as "debriefing," that is to say talking about every aspect of the wedding that we could recall: the flowers, the music, my grandmother swing dancing, the food and how much fun everyone seemed to have.

It just felt so strange to have this huge day that we'd spent countless hours planning and thinking about and analyzing and over-analyzing already here and gone. The rehearsal brunch, the pre-wedding hair and makeup and picture-taking, the "I do's" all done. So incredibly exciting to have it over and to finally be married and start telling random people about how amazing my husband is and so weird to not have to plan any longer.

Which leads me to think, that despite the stress and the sometimes overwhelming nature of all the decisions and all the time we spent on figuring out the guest list and making our programs and worrying about it all being perfect, I really, truly enjoyed planning my wedding. It's a lot of work, but in the end, it's so rewarding. It was the most important party I will ever plan, because it was a celebration of the most important moments in our lives. And that's worth a whole lot more stress than I ever experienced.

On that note, I hope you enjoy the process as much as I did, and that in the aftermath, your wedding detoxification is short and sweet. Happy planning!